Our First Songs

Basic Instrumental Skills

In order to present a group performance we need to have some basic instrumental skills. Some of you will come into this course with some basic instrumental skills, but others will have not played an instrument before. As a class we will learn several songs together before breaking into smaller groups to practice them in groups to present as performance.

Core Skills: Instrumental Skills

How do we actually go about learning a song? What skills do we need to put a song together into a performance? Learning a whole song can seem like a daunting task, however, if we break it down into manageable size pieces the task becomes achievable.  Most songs are made up of several chords or riffs. We learn these first individually, then we learn to string them together in bigger structures until we know the entire song. To summarise (this learning progression will stretch over the entire trimester):

What are we learning?

To play songs on an instrument


So we can present a group performance

Success criteria

    I can play at least 3 different chords or riffs/ideas on my instrument, but I can’t yet put them together into a song.

  I can play at least 3 different chords or riffs/ideas. I can order these chords or riffs/ideas into a specific structure to make a song.

  I can use my knowledge of chords and riffs to learn new songs from TAB, chord charts or music notation.

Links to our class songs

You can find resources to help your learn our class songs in the menus above.

February 14, 2017