Chasing Cars: Piano

The second song we’re going to learn in class is called ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. It builds in the skills we learnt in Seven Nation Army (playing single note riffs and, some basic chords.) Have a listen to the original song below:

Riff 1: The Verses

The first component we need to learn for the song Chasing Cars is the ‘riff’ for the verses. This is relatively simple on the piano (it’s a bit harder on the guitar). The following video takes you through the basic riff:

Chords for the Chorus

For the chorus we need 3 chords: A, E and D. The diagrams for these chords are below:

A Major

E Major

D Major

We order the chords as follows:

| A for 4 counts |A for 4 counts | E for 4 counts |E for 4 counts |D for 4 counts |D for 4 counts |A for 4 counts | A for 4 counts |

The following video will take you through learning these chores in order:

Structure: Putting it all together

So far we’ve learnt the verse and the chorus. There is still one more section to learn – the introduction. This is just the first part of the verse riff. The video below shows you exactly which part:


Final Structure:


Intro riff


Verse riff x 2


Chorus: | A | A | E  | E  | D |D | A  | A | (4 counts for each)

February 14, 2017