Defining music style

Today we will be looking at how musical genre or style is defined. What makes rock different from reggae? Or punk from jazz? Have a think about what you know about the music elements – how might they be different in two different styles? What about culture etc?

Task 1: What do we currently know about style?

Read the learning intentions and success criteria in the padlet below. Paste in your ideas as to what defines style. At this stage we may have an incomplete picture, however, let’s see what we know as a class.


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Defining Musical Style

Task 2: Defining Garage Rock Revival

We’re learning to play Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. There style has been defined as ‘Garage Rock Revival’.  We’re going to use the following google slides template to define that style. Make a copy of the slide below and add it to your music folder. Next, fill in the information after you’ve researched garage rock revival. We can also use our knowledge of the song Seven Nation Army (a garage rock revival song) to fill in information about musical elements found in garage rock revival. We can also look online and fine some information. Here are some places where you can start:

Finally, add some pictures and decorate the slide show to give it some visual impact.


February 12, 2017