My Favourite Songs


Welcome to Middle School Music

Today we’re going to start with an introduction task. In you’re music folder you’ll find a google slide show called ‘My Favourite Songs’ – you’ll need this to complete the task outlined below.

My Favourite Songs: A Greatest Hits Album (Instructions)


1.    Think about your favourite songs/pieces of music. If you could only listen to 8 pieces of music for the rest of your life, what would they be? Try to include a range of artists/styles (ideally you should have at least 5 different artists). You are going to create a CD booklet (a bit old school nowadays) that would accompany a CD that has these 8 songs on it.

2.    You’ve been shared a Google Slide template called ‘My Favourite Songs’ – this will be in your music folder. You will use this template to create your CD booklet. Locate this slide show and open it.

3.   Create an Album Cover – think about the different artists you’ve chosen, the songs you’ve chosen and the themes in the songs. Using a selection of images, create a collage for your album cover. You might want to do this in Google Drawings and then save the file as a JPG and import it into the second slide. You may want to research what an album cover looks like by searching ‘album cover’ in Google Images. Here is an example that I created:

        4.    Once you’ve created a background for your album cover, add an album name. There are some suggestions in the speaker notes on         slide 2 about album names.
        5.    Each slide after the cover is for an individual song. You need to do the following for each song:
  • Add the name and artist
  • Embed a YouTube video of the song (go to ‘insert’ and then ‘video’ in the menu)
  • Add in a short paragraph (two to three sentences) about the artist and why you’ve chosen the song. You might give one or two basic facts about the artist (for example, what style are they, have they won any major awards, when did they first release this song etc) and then a reason why you like the song/why you’ve chosen it for you CD.
  • Add a couple of images of the artist to the slide to decorate
        Here is an example of what one completed page might look like:
       Make sure you take your time to decorate each page in the CD booklet. You can change that fonts in the template and move text boxes around to make it look how you like (as I’ve done with the example above).
       6. When you’ve finished your CD Booklet, you need to post it to your blog. Once you’ve done this, find at least two other students that         have finished and posted their CD booklets to their blog. Look at their CD booklets and leave a comment on their blog. You might  comment on things like:
    • the songs they’ve chosen
    • the layout of their CD booklet
    • suggestions for other songs
    • the information they’ve given about the artists
    • the reasons they’ve given for why they’ve chosen each song.



October 15, 2020