Music Elements – A Review

We learnt about the music elements in junior music. The musical elements are the ‘building blocks’ of music. Make sure you carefully read the learning intention and success criteria for today’s lesson (found in the first slide show). This slideshow, along with the following resources, detail the elements of music along with their definitions. You’ll notice that note all resources use the same terminology (names) and some include elements that others don’t. There isn’t a definitive established list of the elements of music, though you’ll see from the resources there is at least some commonality.

The resources are divided into more basic and advanced – the advanced resources contain more complicated music terminology and would suit students who have an instrumental background or who wish to be extended. Before jumping to the advanced resources, make sure you’ve looked through resource 1. Then you can pick and choose which resources you wish to use to expand your knowledge. You aren’t expected to read and watch all of them, but you should consult at least two other resources beyond resource 1.

!!!START HERE!!! Resource 1 : Slideshow presenting the musical elements (Basic):
Resource 2: YouTube Playlist – each video covers a single element (Basic):

Resource 3: Definitions (Basic)

Resource 4: YouTube Playlist – each video covers a range of elements (More Advanced)

 Resource 5: Slideshow presenting the music elements  (More Advanced)

Task: Create a video the summarises one of the musical elements

We are now going to select one musical element, and in groups of two to four people, create a video that

  • explains your element
  • has you demonstrating that element
  • provides an example of that element being used in two pieces of music (performed by others – ie a recording or YouTube video)

You can use any instruments you have access to to demonstrate your element along with your voice, body percussion or any other percussion you can make from things around you (for example, items in your pencil case, drumming on a table, etc). Your video should be around 1 to 2 minutes long. Think creatively about how you can present your video. Could you use animation? Slides with a voice over? Props? You want to make your video as engaging as possible. When you’re finished, post your completed video to your blog.

February 12, 2017