Choosing a new song

We’ve started down the path of learning some basic instrumental skills in class. We’ve now looked at two songs in class (Seven Nation Army, Chasing Cars) and we should have hopefully got to a point where we feel that we are at a least a multi-structural level (we can play 3-4 components of these songs). Some of us may feel that we are at a relational level with our learning – we can take these components and put them into a finished song.

Now we have an opportunity to learn some new songs, but this time you’ll choose what song you want to learn. This will give you a chance to move towards a extended abstract outcome – you can use your skills to learn new songs and teach others the songs you know.


Step 1 – Identify your interests

  1. In the padlet below, make a post with some of the songs you’d like to learn.
  2. Look at what others have posted – look for those who you have common interests. This may not be exactly the same songs but it may be you have similar styles or artists in common.
  3. Form groups of 3-4 members with those who you can find common interests.
  4. Choose one song from the songs you’ve suggested to learn as a group.

Made with Padlet

Step 2: Gathering Resources

You are going to gather resources to help you learn your song. You need the following items:

  1. A Youtube clip of your chosen song
  2. The lyrics
  3. Tab or chords
  4. Chord diagrams for the chords you need (for guitar and/or piano)
  5. Youtube videos of ‘how to play’ the song

You will put these resources into a slideshow. There is a template for this below – make a copy and add it to your music folder. Make sure that you have shared it with all members of your group as well as your teacher.


March 9, 2017